The Graduate School of Governance & Leadership

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Bishop Titi-Ofei
Founder & President of GSGL
“Africa needs a new breed of leaders who will appreciate and understand the dictates of Global Politics and International Diplomacy so as to deal effectively with war, crime, poverty, hunger and disease.....that is why there is a need for our tertiary Institutions to introduce leadership training as a course work in their academic programmes... I must say that Graduate School of Governance & Leadership is pioneering this”
His Execellency John Dramani Mahama President, Republic of Ghana

At GSGL we believe that great nations are built by great leaders, great leaders by great schools and great schools by great programmes. So whether for career progression or academic development you will find a programme at GSGL that will build the great leader in you. We're happy that the president of Republic of Ghana has recognised this.

When we recognised that colleges and universities are ingoring the educational needs of adults, especially working executives, we decided to create an adult university with innovative programmes:-

•  Designed to meet the training needs of adults.
•  Priced to meet their training budget.
•  Timed to meet their training schedules.
• Aimed to produce elite group of business leaders educated to global standards.